Mole Little Norway - Spring & Summer

Enjoy our spring & Summer by Mole Little Norway located at the old boathouses in Karmøy called "Solhåla" or the "Cave of the sun".

The inspiration comes from my childhood memories where the daily life for my fisherman grandpas took place. We small people were always welcome to join in. Days filled with fishing crabs and seastars, diving and playing till the sun went down. The mild summer breeze, barefoot running, picnics and sun kissed cheeks. Sleeping in tents and making the daisyflowers in the hair. My grandpa knew when I arrived in the garden his daisies would be picked for vases and hair ornaments - memories with love..

Best from Hanne Synnøve Koløy, founder of Mole Little Norway

Film & Photo by Geir Gismervik Photography 

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