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My inspiration for Mole - Little Norway

Mole - Little Norway is a norwegian designed childrens line for boys and girls 0 - 12 years. The collections are timeless and classic, yet playful and combine comfort and unique designs. These styles with the cosy feeling will be loved and worn for generations.

Designer of Mole - Little Norway, Hanne Synnøve Koløy, finds inspiration in her children, the beauty of nature, the norwegian heritage and history. 

Hanne is also inspired by her creative and beloved mother and grandmothers who always were handcrafting and remaking garments for the little ones as they grew up. Hanne was warmly welcome to join in and created small pieces for her dolls and little sisters by knitting and sewing. By the age of ten she became aproud owner of a red sporty sewing machine and from then she was very busy with all her projects...

The brand name «Mole» was the cosy nickname her grandmother Serina called Hanne

when she was a little girl - and it became so natural to name the brand after her. The name are filled with so many memories with love, comfort and kindness.

Now Hanne is married and have two lovely children. As they grew up she made them the small extra garment that was not to be found in the store.

The passion for creating and crafting was fundamental for the branding of Mole and for Hanne its an adventure and a dream come true.

Mole - Little Norways collections are manufactured in Europa  and winter fabrics are italian merinowool and lambswool. For summer we also use the organic cotton.

All yarns we use have certificates to secure the quality and safety for the child. 

In this picture Hanne is about ten years old and 

just got the sweetest red sewingmachine for christmas. The bag beside her was always full of left over cuts of fabrics from the local curtain store - golden pieces in velvet,brocade and beautiful patterns which she made small clothes for her dolls :) 

My little love story - childhood memories...

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